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The way in which YOU handle the first 5 mins of an emergency can make the difference between life & death.


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Help Wanted


Do You Have:

  • a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or higher certification, or other medical certification plus a desire to become a WFR?
  • a super-strong passion for wilderness medicine, and endless desire to learn more about it?
  • a sharp mind, and attention to detail?
  • extensive experience with outdoor adventures, disaster relief, or emergency medical care-giving?
  • the ability, warmth, patience, and thoughtfulness to work well with all kinds and ages of learners?
  • an always-upbeat attitude?
  • a good sense of humor?
  • punctuality, dependability, reliability, and loyalty as some of your core values?
  • weekend availability?
  • a desire and plan to live and stay in Virginia for many years to come?


If Yes:

  • MEDIC may be interested in training you (apprenticeship model, plus possibly SOLO Instructor Training School) to become a top-notch SOLO wilderness medicine instructor
  • Once you're accepted and trained (an on-and-off process that typically takes at least a few months), both MEDIC and SOLO will be interested in hiring you to teach 2-day Wilderness First Aid certification classes (usually on weekends) on a part-time basis.



  • Please email matt (at) solowfa (d0t) com with (1) a cover letter illustrating how you have what's listed in the "Do You Have" section above, and (2) your resume, including noting your GPA from the last educational institution you attended.
  • Set your email spam filter to welcome emails from: @solowfa (d0t) com


Thanks, hope to get to embark upon a long-term relationship working with you!



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Mar. 18-19:

Washington, DC

Mar. 25-26:

Virginia Beach, VA

Apr. 1 - 2:

Spruce Knob, WV

Apr. 11-12 (mid-week):

Chattanooga, TN

Apr. 15-16:

Charlottesville, VA

Apr. 22-23:

Blacksburg, VA

May 9-10 (mid-week):

Charlottesville, VA

May 13-14:

Triangle area, NC

May 20-21:

Washington, DC

May 27-28 or 29:

Charlottesville, VA

June 3 - 4:

Richmond, VA

June 10-11:

Triad area, NC

June 24-25:

Virginia Beach, VA

July 8 - 9:

Charlottesville, VA

July 15-16:

Scenic Riverside, Fredericksburg, VA

Aug. 19-27 (9 days):


Spruce Knob, WV

Sep. 2 - 4:

Mtn-top Retreat near Blacksburg, VA

Sep. 23-24:

Chattanooga, TN

Oct. 14-15:

Charlottesville, VA

Nov. 11-12:

Washington, DC

Dec. 16-17, 2017:

Uwharrie Nat'l Forest, NC

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Learn how to save life & limb when / where pro help is not immediately available.

"Wilderness" = Time of injury/illness to hospital arrival > 1 hour.

= Natural or rural area, remote travel, and natural or terrorist disaster zones

 when & where EMS is overwhelmed, and cellphone towers are jammed.


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